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Our Mission:

Calder community cares mission statement

Calder Community Cares started out the week before the first COVID-19 lockdown, in March 2020. We realised that the people in our community might need help and support through what was likely going to be a trying time, and we got together to pick up meds, organise online shopping, and just make sure loneliness wasn’t hitting the people of the upper Calder Valley too hard.

We saw the great impact we were making and decided to keep it going with more and more projects. We sent out meal packages, created a food share, and started putting on socially distanced events for our community.

We love how Calder Community Cares is an outlet for all the kindness that is present in the people of the upper Calder Valley. We’ve seen our friends and neighbours come together for each other time and time again, and the fantastic response to our work has shown that is still the case.

Despite all the work we’ve done, we’re still a young organisation! Although we are applying to become a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), we are currently not a charity. Technically we’re an unincorporated mutual aid not-for-profit organisation. This means, whatever money is donated to Calder Community Cares, along with any profits is put back into our social good projects. Applying for charity status takes time and a lot of admin. However, that hasn’t stopped us from helping the members of our community, and we hope to keep that going as long as we can.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the amazing kindness of our volunteers. All the people who work for us are unpaid and do this out of the kindness of their hearts. We’re so thankful for all their hard work!

    Interim Impact Statement as at 01.02.23

    As of the 1st of Feb 2022 we have provided the Upper Calder Valley community with:

  • Given items to the move vulnerable people in the area including: Over 400 thermal cups, 200 thermal blankets, 40 air friers, 40 slow cookers 25 single boil kettles, food shopping vouchers £11.5 Hot water bottles 300. Electric throws, microwaves.
  • Significant donations to Food Drop ins Ukraine Social Cohesion Activities
  • Supported the most vulnerable people who live in The Upper Calder Valley- from Hebden Royd, and all the way through the Upper Valley to Hebden Bridge Todmorden and Cornholme
  • With the donations you give us and the pre-loved items you buy we have:

  • Funded The Men’s Breakfast Club in Cornholme
  • Given over 12k in cash, small electrical items, warm blankets and thermal mugs or food to the three main Food Drop-In services Cornholme Old Library- Calder Food Support and Todmorden Food Drop in etc
  • Funded the overhead costs for 7 of the newly formed or existing ‘Warm Spaces
  • Developed a new website that aims to track all the relevant details of warm spaces
  • Distributed significant amounts of food vouchers ot the MOST vulnerable elderly, isolated or struggling families and helped signpost them to regular support from other services.
  • Supported Ukrainian refugees who have moved into our community.
  • Supported local families at Christmas with a free Santa Kindness scheme.
  • Regularly donated humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Our history

The week before lockdown. An idea.

March 2020

Mutual aid groups across the country quickly rose to the challenge of caring for our most vulnerable communities at the start of the pandemic, and Calder Community Cares was no exception.

Famed for our Valley’s ‘Spirit of Kindness’ that saw us come together to respond through 2 floods the people of our community have always wanted to help and play an active role in responding to any crisis.

It started with

April 2020
The usual: pick up meds, check in and chat, organise shopping- helping people to get online or setting up buddy shoppers to either organise group shops, online shops or as an individual shopper, mental well being support in partnership with Healthy Minds and liaising with many many other organisations

Eat Together Stay Home

June 2020
Over 1200 restaurant standard meals sent out as restaurants, pubs and cafes all stepped forwards to cook a really high quality meal with all the trimmings to each of the households we supported- The meal package included artwork from local school children, table decors made by volunteers, quiz cards and so much more.


July 2020
Taking short-dated food from local supermarkets and redistributing it to those who need it. Delivering essential food supplies, sometimes reaching over 140 households every week.

Opera in the park

October 2020
A socially distanced opera performance by the amazing Nicola Mills, and food sponsored by our local Co-op branches

It's a wrap!

Christmas 2020 & 2021
More wonderfulness with the help of Hebden Royd Town Council, Bam Nuttal, Todmorden Council, Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge and our warm hearted and kind community - each of our families (over 110) got a sack full of presents per family and our Older Generations got an amazing bag of wrapped gifts including chocolate oranges, books, gloves and scarves, Christmas table decorations and Christmas cards from all our local children

Soup, sarnie & a smile

February 2021
Fresh soup made by Towngate Tea rooms in Heptonstall sent out on a cold wet February morning - over 300 of our Older Generations got just that - a lovely smile from a willing volunteer and a bag containing a freshly made sarnie, fresh soup, a wonderful sweet treat courtesy of Blue Sky Bakers and a lovely small gift

Spring Surprise

Spring 2021 & 2022
Each year we sent out over 450 gift packs direct to people homes - bunches of daffodils, Easter eggs, card written by children, fleecy blankets, bars of chocolates

Picnic in the park

Summer 2021 & 2022
Working with Smartmove (homeless charity) and Focus 4 Hope - we arranged a free picnic, family entertainment and a welcome afternoon at Calder Holmes Park in Hebden Bridge. Over 41 families were invited and we enjoyed the company of refugee families from Halifax (some of whom had never been to Hebden Bridge before)

Calder Cares 4 Ukraine

Spring 2022
Our response to the Ukrainian sponsorship scheme, a site in English, Ukrainian and Russian where Ukrainians and their sponsors signed up to get involved with community events

Calder Kindness Shop

June 2022
Set up as a resource to support our work with refugees and the elderly, vulnerable and families dropping into need in our area, we have been utterly amazed at the work of the pre-loved team and are encouraged by the money they have raised and dispensed to organisations that need it through CffC - long may it continue

Calder Community Kindness Grant

Winter 2022
In conjunction with Community Foundation for Calderdale, our winter cost of living response will be funding providers of warm spaces in our area.

Since 2020 we have been helped by