Calder Community Cares Launches Its New Website!

Calder Community Cares, a non-profit organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty, isolation and loneliness in the in Upper Calder Valley, is proud to announce the launch of its new website. The new site is designed to be a resource for everyone in the Calder community, from volunteers and donors to those in need of assistance.

The new website provides a wealth of information about Calder Community Cares and the many programs and services it offers. Visitors to the site can learn about the organization’s mission and history, view a list of current volunteer opportunities, and even make a donation to support our work along with many other key organisations in the area.

One of the most exciting features of the new site is our “Kindness Directory” section, which provides information on the various forms of assistance that can be found throughout the Upper Calder Valley for those in need. Whether someone is in need of food, warming items, or other basic necessities, the Kindness Directory provides information on how to access these resources and get help.

In addition to providing information on our programs, the new website also includes national and local resources to help sign and post those with additional needs. The Resources section is a great way for visitors to stay informed about new initiatives as they happen.

The new website was created with the user experience in mind, and it is designed to be easy to navigate and use on any device. Whether someone is accessing the site from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, they will be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. However, as we wanted to share our new site as a resource as quickly as possible, we will keep on making updates and changes over the coming weeks and months. If there is currently something missing to our site, please bear with us as we continue to work on it.

We are incredibly excited about the launch of our new website and the resources and information it provides to our community. We hope that this new tool will help us to reach even more people in need and to continue making a positive impact in the Calder community.

Please take a moment to visit the new website and explore all it has to offer. And if you are interested in getting involved with Calder Community Cares and making a difference in the lives of those in need, we invite you to learn more about our organisation, and its programs, and to volunteer or donate today. Together, we can make a positive impact in our community!