Lionesses Women’s Group Launches

Lionesses Of The Valley: New Women’s Group Launches

Last month several local women identified a need in our community: a regular meeting space for women – where they could also take their children – offering each other company and support. The group decided to meet at the Kindness Cafe in Todmorden and talk about how they could turn this idea into a reality.

During this first session, the group talked about what they wanted to achieve and divided responsibilities for organisation, publicity and planning. Deborah Corbyn and her colleague Jess dropped in to offer support and share ideas on Mental Health.

This new group – named Lionesses Of The Valley – is self-organised but supported by Calder Community Cares. It’s an empowering network that is great for finding friends, support, group sessions,or just some inspiration and motivation. The group’s sole purpose is to unite women in the quieter area of Todmorden called Cornholme. It’s an inclusive space where all women and children are welcome.

“Each week brings new ideas. Together we get creative, have a chat, share ideas and also bring our children along. In the circle we are all equal. When in the circle, no-one is in front, no-one is behind”.

The group will meet in the Old Library, Cornholme, every Thursday from 11-1pm. Drop by or checkout their facebook page Lionesses of the valley | Facebook

Two women and a baby talking over coffee and snacksLionesses Of The Valley Logo