Calder Community Kindness Shop

The Heart of a Community

With the kind support of CMBC, we opened the Calder Community Kindness (CCK) shop in July 2022. Located in the former Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre, its original aim was to support Ukrainian refugees and vulnerable individuals living in the Upper Calder Valley. However, due to the current cost of living crisis, it has expanded its ambitions to support community groups, families, and individuals who are falling into food and fuel poverty

CCK raises money to fund individuals, community groups, and local projects by selling new and preloved items that have been donated by the local community.  If you have items you would like to donate to our shop, you can learn more by visiting our shop support page. A team of volunteers runs the community shop and has built a wonderful community of regular shoppers on Facebook and Instagram.

The shop is currently a project of Calder Community Cares, but with its own ideas and ambitions to become a Community Interest Company. This will allow it to continue to support those who need it the most and, through Community Foundation for Calderdale support other local organisations that work hard to provide care in our amazing community.

What we have achieved

In its first 8 months Calder Community Kindness has:

  • Given to charities in the Upper Calder Valley including Food Drop In’s & the Community Foundation for Calderdale.
  • Made a significant positive social and environmental impact, keeping over 1,800kg of clothing out of landfill and incinerators.
  • Provided free school uniforms and a warm rail valued by many families in our community.
  • Acted as an effective signposting service to people who may be in crisis.
  • Promoted the Upper Calder Valley and surrounding areas by providing informal tourist information.
  • Contributed to a significant amount of medical and first aid equipment being transported directly to Ukraine.
  • Funded free events to prevent social isolation and promote wellbeing including our amazing ‘Santa Kindness’ activity
  • Partnered with Calder Community Cares in the delivery of its Household Support Scheme.
  • Collaborated with other organisations including Focus 4 Hope, Mothershare, St Augustines and the Halifax Homeless and Community Kitchen.

The Future

Calder Community Kindness shop is going from strength to strength, and this is down to YOU, our fantastic community.
The more you have dropped and shopped the more we have been able to help the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and isolated in our community.

Currently a project of Calder Community Cares (who are an Incorporated Constituted Group) , but with our own ideas and ambitions including becoming a Community Interest Company in it’s own right to allow it to continue to support those who need it the most and support other local organisations that also care about our amazing commuSupported local families at Christmas with a free Santa Kindness scheme.

The FOUR main Shop priorities remain:

  1. Secure a lease and continue to harness Kindness to support our community.
  2. Distribute funds fairly and with a clear audit trail to local not for profit community groups who are providing warm spaces through our CC Kindness grant administered by the Community foundation for Calderdale and respond promptly to need as it arises.
  3. Contribute towards CCC Household Support Fund- as this targets support for the most vulnerable individual in our community. It regularly provides end of grant reports to update the public and partners on the impact it has made.
  4. Collaborate and network with other local charities, community groups, refugee groups and support the kindness, enthusiasm and love that marks this area out so distinctively.