Calder Community Cares collaborates with The Lofty Perch and Therapeutic Kneads to create a well-being bursary

CCC are thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Lofty Perch and Therapeutic Kneads. A bursary has been created by the wonderful inhabitants of The Perch, which enables up to ten people to each access two sessions of a holistic treatment of their choice. Therapies on offer include body massage, reflexology and reiki amongst others.

“Thanks to the kindness of the Lofty Perch Bursary provision, I have been able to book two fantastic treatments. What a difference these are already making to my well-being. Transportation to and from my treatment was also provided, making it an all-round, wonderful treat.”

So far, three people from our local community have attended their first session. They have been over the moon at the immediate effect of the treatments they chose, and the difference this is making to their well-being. There is funding for another seven people to have two sessions each.

If you are aware of someone who would benefit from this type of treatment, but would not normally be able to access such a service, please contact Caroline Tiler-Ansell, Therapeutic Kneads, Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, 07561 532362.

We are grateful to be able to provide discreet, respectful support to those we serve. We continue to pursue various funding opportunities, plus chances for people to meaningfully volunteer in our community.

Want to volunteer? Need a little support?

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“Kindness is our currency, and it is a currency our volunteers hold in abundance”