Cargodale steps up during the fuel shortage

We would like to say a big thank you to Cargodale for stepping forward, at very short notice, during the ongoing fuel crisis to help deliver our FoodShare packages.

Cargodale is a zero-emission delivery service in Calderdale. They deliver shopping, hot food, cold food, and lots more. They do this by bike enabling them to navigate tiny lanes, zip round congestion, and take on all the hills.

Cargodale took the stress off our volunteers who were unable to fill up their cars, while also providing speedy deliveries with no pollution. Cargodale riders are fully trained and insured and made sure our food packages arrived right on schedule! – enabling us to press on with this needed project getting delicious food, that would otherwise go to landfill, out to the people who need it.

“Kindness is our currency and it is a currency our volunteers hold in abundance”