Go Go Cargodale!

Over the last two years, Cargodale have helped CCC deliver over two thousand emergency Food Share parcels. For people isolating and unable to pick up their own parcels this service has been a lifeline.

Now, two years on, Cargodale is continuing to support our Food Share operation by delivering our much-needed family packs. All of this without any impact on our planet!

Cargodale can navigate Calderdale’s tiny lanes, zip round congestion, and with their electrically assisted bikes, take on all our hills. Their delivery riders are super speedy, trained and insured.

See Cargodale’s delivery riders in action here:

“Cargodale’s service offers delivery with a smile…no pollution…no stress… and a share of the love.”

Jan Lymer, CCC

Local collaborations such as these help CCC provide a discreet, respectful support service. We continue to pursue new funding opportunities and partnerships, plus chances for people to meaningfully volunteer in our community.

Want to collaborate with us? Available to volunteer? Need a little support?

Contact us at caldercares.org.uk, or call 07903 452 788 (Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm)