Healthy Holidays Club

From the 10th August to the 3rd September through Together We Grow and in association with St Augustine’s Centre in Halifax, Finn Jenson, the Happy Holiday Community Foundation for Todmorden and the wonderful Mary Clear from incredible edible ran a Healthy Holiday scheme for asylum seekers and refugees which was completely free thanks to a grant from Calderdale Council and Community Foundation For Calderdale.

On the 8th and final Healthy Holiday in Todmorden 22 children plus 13 adults, plus some wonderful volunteers had a brilliant meal at the Kindness Café, the small cog we played in this beautifully big machine was to provide food from our Food Share project prepared by the amazing chefs Wendy Busfield and Richard Busfield to help get a hot and nutritious meal ready for these amazing families. It was our absolute pleasure to be a part of this great event, even if our part was only very small.

“On behalf of Together We Grow I would like to thank Calder Community Cares for their help during our 8 Healthy Holidays activities in Todmorden. They helped providing food for a healthy warm lunch during August and we were able to provide juice, fruit, etc each morning when the families arrived at Todmorden College.”Finn Jenson

We are honoured to be a collaborative organisation that can support other projects to create a program which made use of food which would have otherwise gone to waste. We feel privileged to work with The Kindness Café, Together We Grow, Incredible Edible, and a special mention to Caroline Beardsmore, our Co- Op pioneer working with our Food Share team!

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