Pay It Forwards Scheme

CCC is launching a Pay It Forwards scheme in conjunction with local, independent cafes.

It will be possible to go into one of these cafes and pay forwards for an afternoon treat for families or members of our older generation.

We are also preparing to deliver more acts of kindness literally to people’s doors, and arranging for families to access outdoor activities such as picnics and other treat events though out the year. Our Pay It Forwards scheme will help with these.

”The CCC Pay It Forwards scheme is a great way for the wider Calderdale community to offer little acts of kindness that go a long way.”

Jan Lymer from CCC

We are grateful for local collaborations that help us provide discreet, respectful support to those we serve. We continue to pursue various funding opportunities, plus chances for people to meaningfully volunteer in our community.

Want to volunteer? Need a little support?
Contact us at, or call 07903 452 788 (Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm)

“Kindness is our currency, and it is a currency our volunteers hold in abundance”