Learn the Ukrainian art of Petrykivka at Calder Community Kindness

The wonderful Anna will be teaching Petrykivka painting – a UNESCO heritage art form – at the Calder Community Kindness shop on August 2nd.

Petrykivka painting is a beautiful Ukrainian folk art form, and we’re excited to have Anna Laguta teaching us how to paint in the traditional style at the Calder Community Kindness shop on August 2nd. Anna will be teaching from 10 am, so whether you’re looking to learn a new hobby or support the work we do, make sure to head over and give it a go!

The history of Petrykivka painting goes back centuries to when Ukraine was ruled by Russia under Peter the Great. A lot of Ukrainian cultures were suppressed at this time, but the country’s women painted in secret on plates and other kitchenware, developing the style of Petrykivka and naming it after the village in which it originated.

Petrykivka painting almost always features patterns of flowers, traditionally on a white background, with very distinctive brushstrokes. As well as being beautiful, it is also highly symbolic; for example, birds often represent harmony and happiness, and roosters symbolise fire and spiritual awakening.

Petrykivka art - Anna Laguta

It’s hard not to be amazed at the sight of Petrykivka paintings, as they are often highly detailed with vibrant colours. The art style was added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013 as a recognition of how important it is to the history of Ukraine, and now you can learn all about this amazing method of painting.

The session will be held at Hebden Bridge’s new Calder Community Kindness Shop on a pay-as-you-feel basis. There are two groups and the classes will last for four weeks from the 2nd of Aug:

Morning session: 10 am till 12 pm

Afternoon session 1 pm till 3 pm 

This masterclass is open to anyone who is looking to learn a new skill and wishes to support the conservation of Ukrainian art and artists. Spaces are limited so if you wish to attend the four-week course please call Julie on 07989 073014.

About the artist: 

Anna Laguta is an artist from Ukraine specialising in traditional Petrykivka painting. Before leaving Kyiv earlier this year due to the war, Anna worked as a kitchen designer alongside developing her talents in Ukrainian painting. 

Grandparents Laguta Michael and Turianskaya Raisa
Anna’s grandparents who inspire her: Laguta Michael & Turianskaya Raisa

She has always been inspired by her Jewish grandparents Laguta Michael and Turianskaya Raisa, who adored the creative arts. Michael was a colonel during WWII who played violin and painted landscapes, while her grandmother Raisa was a poet and pianist. Their determination for survival during hardship has spurred Anna on to share her own artistic work and inspire others. 

Currently staying in Haworth with a sponsor family. Anna hopes to run many more masterclasses in the future.

Take a look at the pictures below for Anna’s previous painting workshops.