Surprise, Surprise!

Last year Bam Nuttall sponsored over three hundred surprise Easter bags each containing a luxury egg, a cheerful bunch of daffodils from Fleur De Lys, and a hand-made card from the children of local schools.

This year we intend to exceed this number of bags as we now support many more families. There is an increasing number of families making difficult decisions when managing the rising demands on their household budgets.

In addition to the egg, flowers and card, will be a few extra cheerful Easter treats – including a rather cute, sunglasses-wearing yellow Easter chick.

It’s important that our older generations and families feel supported and valued in every season. These surprise Easter gifts are one of a number of ways that we can play a part in the well-being of our community.

Jan Lymer from CCC

It is our privilege to provide for those who need it in the Upper Calder Valley, and we look forward to many more similar projects. We are grateful to be able to provide discreet, respectful support to those we serve. We continue to pursue various funding opportunities, plus chances for people to meaningfully volunteer in our community.

Want to volunteer? Need a little support?
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“Kindness is our currency, and it is a currency our volunteers hold in abundance”