The Lionesses of the Valley hold their first event

The Calderdale women’s group: Lionesses of the Valley, held its first event on July 25th with an Enchanted Wood activities day.

At Calder Community Cares, we’re not just here to promote ourselves; we also want to highlight the amazing work other groups do in our community. One of these is Lionesses of the Valley, an amazing bunch who identified the need for a regular meeting space where women could socialise and build a network to empower each other. Despite only having been in existence since July 3rd, the Lionesses have already held a successful event outside of their regular group!

Lionesses of the Valley

Dubbed the Enchanted Wood, the group got together on July 25th for a fantastic activities day in the area next to Vale Baptist Church in Todmorden. Despite the unfortunate weather – it ended up being a very rainy day – the Enchanted Wood was a massive success and we look forward to the next creative event. 

Lionesses of the ValleyLionesses of the Valley

The women and their families were able to take part in loads of magical activities, including wand making, apple decorating, a fairy trail and even some potions. There was also some sport, with rounders, cricket and “wet splat” all getting played despite the rain, and Healthy Minds provided a giant Jenga tower as well.

Food was put on for everyone, with the Lionesses making some delicious homemade cakes. Calder Community Cares provided food and a few volunteers as well, as we are proud supporters of the group; however, it is completely self-managed and we just help out where we can.

The Enchanted Wood was opened by Liz Thorpe, Mayor of Todmorden, who called the event “a magical space for themselves and their children” and added that the Lionesses “are going from strength to strength”.

We are so pleased to provide support to such a wonderful group that is all about bringing This won’t be the Lionesses’ last event, and the group is going strong with its weekly meetings. If you’d like to get involved, you can join the Lionesses of the Valley Facebook group. The group meets up every Thursday at the Old Library in Cornholme from 11 am to 1 pm, and you are more than welcome to drop by!


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