Volunteer Engagement Janboree!

Our wonderful volunteers work tirelessly to help others in the Upper Calder Valley, to reward the constant efforts, we arranged a social event to bring as many of our volunteers together as we could. Many of our volunteers had never met each other before only communicating online and through the phone so it was fabulous to have them all happy, relaxing, and having a great joyful time spent in each other’s lovely company!

The evening event, which started at 6.30pm on Tuesday the 14th of September was arranged by the wonderful CCC founder Jan Lymer and her incredibly supportive husband Guy Lymer. The talented Emma Eyres made some delicious food which was enjoyed by all and Lara Able showed all of our gratitude to Jan for this brilliant event by gifting her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

As mentioned before this evening event enabled some of our volunteers to meet for the very first time, with our new Volunteer Champion, Bernice Hayes, meeting many of the team members she had organised with building a stronger foundation for everything we do at Calder Community Cares. Looking after our volunteers and promoting their relationships with each other is especially important for us and the running of this organisation. Everyone in attendance agreed what an excellent evening it was!

“Kindness is our currency and it is a currency our volunteers hold in abundance”