Our principles

Established in response to the Covid 19 pandemic, our vision and aims extend beyond the impact this dreadful virus has had on our community.
Hebden Bridge and District Old People’s Welfare Committee (Charity number 513082) led the initial response by forming a database to register those in need and those available to support, and we quickly became effective in responding to individuals requests for help. But was soon clear that there was going to be a need for a new group with a broader remit to continue to support our community.

Hence Calder Community Cares was formed.

Our Vision

We will offer support in the Upper Calder Valley (Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Todmorden) in times of need, whatever the circumstances. We aim to support those in our community coping with the constraints imposed from Covid or flooding, or in times of recession.

And we aim to support individuals through mental wellbeing issues, social distress, loneliness, food poverty and so much more.

Our Underlying Principles

We will focus on:

  • Behaviours (rather than attitudes)
  • Enabling (rather than controlling)
  • Cooperation and Partnership (rather than competition)
  • Personalisation (rather than standardisation)
  • Change for the better (rather than for change’s sake)

We will support and encourage:

  • Positivity and hope
  • Understanding and trust
  • Equity for all


  • Self-identification of needs
  • Offering practical strategies
  • Giving opportunities to make their own choices
  • Mutual support

In practice we will:

  • Develop a large bank of well trained, committed volunteers who are willing to give up some of their time to support those in need in our area
  • Establish a well-run, robust organisation that safeguards those people who look to us for help and support as well as supporting our volunteers
  • Put our community at the centre of our thinking and build support teams around people that request help
  • Involve ourselves in community activities that generate a sense of wellbeing and encourage us all to value the special nature of our towns and villages
  • Seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other community services

Our volunteers will be supported with training, networking and well organised communications to ensure that they understand the significant role they play in improving the lives of those in our community. We want them to enjoy their role and to feel valued.