Spring Surprise Appeal 2022

Calder Cares 4 Families

We need your help again. We have families registering with us for support on a daily basis. They really are having to choose between buying an Easter treat for their family or putting the heating on.

We have harnessed your kindness before, and we really hope we can do so again.

Please donate below and make a difference to a local family this spring.

Calder Cares 4 our Calder Older Generations (and the medically vulnerable)

So many of our Calder Older Generations, (and the medically vulnerable) still don’t want to leave their homes, except for the essentials and we are often the only warm human contact they receive. Sending a regular “Act of Kindness “direct to their homes makes all the difference to these very special people.

Please help us, by making your donation below.

What this means to the people we support:

We were so surprised when we opened the door to a lady in a Calder Community Cares jacket holding a massive bag of presents for our children. It’s been a bit tough for us lately and we were really worried that the kids were going to feel disappointed on Christmas morning.Mr B.
I’ve been with Calder Community Cares since the pandemic struck and love it when the lovely angels come each week with my Foodshare and at Christmas with my lovely surprise. They are just such kind people, and nothing is too much trouble for them, God bless you all.Mrs J.

For this easter we would love it if you were able to support us again and help us with our next mammoth “Act of Kindness”

Thank you on behalf of those who thank us

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Thank you on behalf of those who thank us

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Or please donate another amount of your choosing.

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