Volunteer opportunities

Here at Calder Community Cares volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Without the kind-hearted and philanthropic people who volunteer we would never be able to support those in our community who need it the most (our “Community Friends”), nor enrich people’s lives with the various activities, events and projects we run for our community.

Established as a direct response to the Covid pandemic and initially formed and run by a small team, we now have ambitions to register with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) consequently answerable to and regulated by the Charities Commission. This means that none of our trustees receive any remuneration for the work they do, that all our activities and events follow the guidelines set out by the charity commission and that we strive to ensure the safety of volunteers and Community Friends.

We currently aim to help in three areas

Our older generations and people affected by health issues

We developed a good relationship with those people who were asked to shield last year, and this group makes up around 80% of our Community Friend base. Alongside the services they have been able to take advantage of over the year (wellbeing calls, shopping and meds runs, social events delivered directly into people’s homes etc), we are now looking to develop new ideas to help encourage people in the transition from lockdown to whatever is next. Some people have adjusted quickly and picked up with hobbies, activities friends and families etc, but for others, this period has seen them lose confidence, lose friendships and miss the regular routines of life. We would like to encourage and support them as they make those first tentative moves.

Families who need a little bit of support

This is a fairly new group for us, and we experienced an upsurge in requests for support from around October last year. We now want to develop ideas and activities to support families who have taken a direct hit on their family budget and can’t quite make ends meet in the same way. We have delivered free fun days for these families, and have an exciting calendar of events to help keep families engaged, feel valued as an important part of our community.

Our wonderful team of volunteers

Kindness is our currency and it is something we have in abundance. We want to continue to build our own ‘volunteering community’ so we can train people, deploy people and make sure they all have a great volunteering experience with us.

As well as volunteers for one-off events and regular services, we are now looking to fill some lead volunteer roles. None of these roles is designed to be too time consuming or onerous, but rather to develop small teams of volunteers that can “get things done” as our organisation develops.

Here is our list of Volunteer Opportunities.

  • Wellbeing Lead
  • Volunteer Champion
  • Projects Lead
  • Communications Lead
  • Little Box Library Lead

For each role we are asking a minimum of about 4-6 hours on average per week, please click here for full details for each position (will open in a new window).

We are flexible in terns of splitting or combining roles so please let us know your thoughts if you are interested.

As a volunteer, here’s what you can expect from us:

Integrity: we will do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, no compromise.

Honesty: we will be straight-forward, provide easy explanations and clear guidelines to keep you and the people we serve safe.

Quick answers: when you ask for clarification or help we will get back to you promptly with plans, support and ideas of how to help you and the people we serve.

Friendship: we have a lot of great volunteers and you will be invited on zoom calls, zoom quizzes and other social activities as well as occasional social get-togethers now we are safely able to meet up.

Teamwork: as one of our volunteers you will quickly realise that you are part of a bigger volunteering team and that they will support you in any work that you are doing for us.

If you think you would enjoy being part of an emerging new charity, have some experience or expertise in any of these posts and have a few hours a week you could contribute then please contact us using the contact form, or email volunteer@caldercares.org.uk and help us move this well respected organisation up to the next level.