How we work with older generations

We set up in March 2020 in reaction to the impact of the pandemic, we now look after over 450 people – most of whom are the elderly and the isolated in our valley.

Our vision is to be a comprehensive volunteering organisation that can mobilise the time and the kindness of the wonderful people who live here and offer that to people who might benefit from a little bit of additional support.

Check in and chat

A service that we provide which includes regular and planned calls to the most vulnerable and isolated in our community to help keep them informed and involved in the community. Many of these community friends may not leave their home so appreciate the regular contact. Ensuring vulnerable and/or isolated friends are listened to is something we care about deeply, even if it is just a predictable chat about the weather or maybe taking an interest in how someone is feeling on the day.

Social events

At Calder Community Cares, community friends and volunteers work together, along with local musicians, creative artists of all kinds, shops and businesses to create events that happen in our community spaces.

Whether it’s a surprise for a special birthday or anniversary or, quite simply, some damned good entertainment, just for FUN – because WE CAN!

We endeavour to accommodate as many ideas, needs, requests, as reasonably possible.

Nicola Mills, a local singer with a difference, has provided us with some absolutely fabulous, Opera for the People’, in our streets and on the village green.

The Co-op has provided us with a take home tea and treats.

The photos of all the smiling faces and the lovely comments afterwards speak volumes for the impact on emotional wellbeing and pleasure experienced by our Community Friends at our events:-

A lovely, lovely surprise


Absolutely Brilliant

I really enjoyed every bit of it, so talented

I could listen to it all again, loved it

It was the best hour I have had for a long, long time

Possible forthcoming events, ideas include 1940’s and 50’s big band sounds and swing jive – doing what come naturally! And a Lockdown Community Food Fest.

If you would like to know when we are holding these events, please register for support and someone will give you a ring.